About Us

Insigo is dedicated to helping organizations unlock the full potential of AI, and we are committed to delivering the best possible solutions for each of our clients.

Our Philosophy

Centered around a commitment to excellence, integrity, and collaboration. We believe that the best AI solutions are developed through close collaboration between our team and our clients, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our solutions deliver measurable results. We also believe in being transparent and honest in all of our dealings, and we strive to always act with the highest level of integrity.


Our Mission

Empower organizations to harness the power of AI to drive growth, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. We are committed to delivering innovative and customized AI solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our clients.


Our Vision

Be the leading provider of AI solutions across a variety of industries, helping organizations to stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly-evolving business landscape. We strive to be at the forefront of AI innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this transformative technology.


Our Team

Are you looking to take your organization to the next level with cutting-edge AI solutions? Look no further than our team of business-oriented AI professionals. Our team brings together the best of both worlds - technical expertise in AI and machine learning, and a deep understanding of business strategy and operations.

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Fredrik Schlyter

Data Scientist & ML Engineer

Fredrik has 5 years experience working in end-to-end data science and machine learning projects. Fredrik has wide experience from multiple industries including fintech, agritech, proptech, and last-mile deliveries. His expertise lies in building end-to-end data products using techniques such as data analysis, statistical modelling, NLP and computer vision. M. Sc in Computer Engineering.

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Fredrik Öhrström

Software & ML Engineer

Fredrik is an experienced ML engineer with a diverse background in applying AI to various domains. He is skilled in tackling complex problems and has a deep interest in both AI and software engineering. He has expertise in financial markets and has experience in building robust, reliable ML systems that can operate under live conditions without failure. M. Sc in Computer Science: AI & Data mining specialization

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Jesper Bäck

Fullstack Developer & ML Engineer

Jesper has expertise in building and maintaining web applications. He is skilled in integrating AI and Machine Learning algorithms to deliver innovative solutions. He understands the software development life cycle, database management and security best practices. Results-oriented and passionate about delivering high-quality, user-friendly software. M. Sc in Computer Science: AI & Data mining specialization

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Johan Thornström

Software & ML Engineer

Johan is a dedicated and passionate developer that loves to build stuff from start to finish. He likes to improve applications, maintainability, and solve complex problems. Johan is a skilled developer that has worked with web development for the last four years. He is appreciated by his team members for being a quick learner and delivering tasks on time. M. Sc in Computer Engineering: AI & Machine learning specialization

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Mattias Axell

Senior Process Leader and Facilitator

Mattias is a senior process leader, facilitator and business developer with a passion for empowering individuals and organizations through training, process management and creative workshop facilitation. With a background in technology and a deep understanding of the ethical implications around digital spaces, Mattias has become a prominent figure in the field. His work covers the intersection of AI, digitalization and privacy. Also works at MetaSolutions AB with EntryScape.

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